What To Do If Your Dog Seems Unwell

If you have a dog it is important to be observant to all of the dog illness symptoms so as to get ahead of any illnesses or problems. You can keep your dog healthy by observing how he is acting or reacting to his environment around him, and act accordingly. For example if he is scratching and itching more than usual, it might be that he has a skin condition, or that his skin is exceptionally dry. It could also be a sign that he is having a problem with his food.

Some dogs are reacting to the ingredients in some of the dog foods. There has been a movement recently for some of the major brands that were “pure” in that they had no chemicals, fillers, or additives, had changed their stance in those areas, and suddenly people were seeing symptoms in their animals. So, read the labels on the packages just to be sure what is in the food.

Always be on the alert for arthritis, especially if the dog is getting up in years. Dogs love to run, but as they get older, their joints are not as capable of taking the stress as much. A dog can step in a hole or twist the wrong way and come up lame in a hurry. If that happens, you will have to limit his activity until it heals. If it doesn’t heal to the point where he is unable to walk, then surgery may be necessary, and that can be quite expensive. Limiting running is usually the best remedy.

One of the biggest things to watch out for is the dog’s weight. Too much weight can cause a whole bunch of problems from stress on the dog’s joints to cancer and heart problems. When you take your dog to the vet, they always get weighed. The vet will be able to advise you on the proper weight for your dog, based upon the breed. If necessary, the veterinarian can help you with a diet to take off the pounds.

Allergies can be a real irritant for your dog and for you. If there is frequent vomiting, irritated skin, frequent diarrhea, a poor coat and loss of hair, an allergy may be the culprit. If your dog has any of these symptoms for any length of time, have your vet take a look.

If a dog is constantly rubbing his head on the floor or ground with his ears, he may have ear mites or an infection. Your vet will have a way to fix that condition. Ear mites will leave a brown, waxy substance that is easily cleaned out with a vinegar and water solution, and a soft tissue, but the vet will be able to get rid of the mites.

Our dogs can’t tell us in words what is the matter, but their actions will many times tell us that something is going on, and when we observe dog illness symptoms and get our dog to the vet, we can head off more serious illness most of the time.

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