DVD Cover 150dpi Emma & No Dogs 0001 2nd Unit In Snow (Shar0002 6x7 Charlie On Floor W0003 Adam Hicks With YehTeh0004 Adam, JC & Cat At Show0005 Adam, Mindy & JC Alisha & Adam With Zac0007 Alisha In Classroom Charlie On Floor With 0009 Coach & Mikey At Piano Cute Kid With Dog Dalmations From Side(64) Day 4 Dog Orphanage (89) Delores Working On Mabel Emma & No Dogs Sign (C0015 Full Show (Vertical) W0016 Good Shot of Eric Lute0017 Great Shot Of Emma On 0018 Great Show Shot 1 JC Adam & Alisha With 0020 JC In Ring (Best) JC With Full Stage John & Mayor John With Cat (Sharpened) Kambria With Max (Close) Kapri With Puppy (Best0026 Kids Bathe Dogs At Del0027 Kids In Show With Smal0028 Kids With Net Falling 1 Kieth With Cast In May0030 Loading Dogs In Truck 0031 Mayor Gestures To Sign0032 Mayor In Front Of Tree0033 Mayor With Hat 2 (Shar0034 Mayors House (Reworked) Mindy With YehTeh Mindy, Alisha & Zach I0037 Mr. Walsh & Coach 1 Mrs. Walsh Confronts E0039 NYAdam Hicks Hugging Y0040 NYKieth With Camera (B0041 NYMayor Dedicates Dog 0042 NYMelvin & Dogcatcher 0043 Puppy & Emma In Snow Scool Front (Reworked) Susan With Lab Puppies The Two Emmas (Best)(45)